Treatment via NuGGZ

Are you looking for assisted and/or protected living as well as treatment of underlying problems? We are happy to help you from our NuGGZ treatment centre.

We can treat you based on the care performance model (ZPM). This means we offer a number of different treatments. During a telephone screening, we assess your situation as well as possible. Based on this assessment, we will indicate what we can do for you. Then we invite you for an intake and explain the treatment. As an ambulatory quality institute, we treat section III, both monodisciplinary and multidisciplinary.


The range of treatments

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
    You learn to look at problematic situations differently and deal with them better.
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy
    We treat depressive disorders caused by profound changes and disturbances.
  • EMDR
    EMDR helps in processing traumatic experiences that continue to bother you.
  • Schedule therapy
    We deal with beliefs, emotions, and attitudes that influence behaviour.
  • e-Health
    With e-Health, we make our care as accessible and approachable as possible.


Monodisciplinary and Multidisciplinary

At NuGGZ we can treat you for both mild to moderate and for moderate to severe psychological symptoms. We do this on the basis of the care performance model.

  • Monodisciplinary
    Your GP will refer you to NuGGZ for, for example, trauma, mild depressive symptoms, and anxiety.
  • Multidisciplinary
    We also treat complex traumas and more persistent anxiety and depression symptoms. We also treat clients with a history of addiction.

Do you have questions about our offer or would you like to apply? Call us at 070 8 875 874, send us an e-mail to or use the online registration form. We look forward to hearing from you!


Pret in Herstel

Bordewijklaan 38, 3rd floor
2591XR The Hague
Tel: +31(0)70 8875 874

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NL56RABO 0152 70 57 59

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