Assisted and sheltered living

We would love to show you how you can live with us in an assisted and protected manner. That’s why we would like to invite you to our virtual tour.

In this homely and warm environment, we offer you the guidance and protection you are looking for. We are here for anyone who wants to stop using. Once you have completed treatment in a 12-step Minnesota clinic, we help you to make the step back into society.

We know from experience the challenges you face. That’s why we help you by providing assisted and protected living in cases of addiction and/or behavioural problems. Recovery is not something you do alone. That is why we help you according to the 12 Steps Minnesota Treatment with guidance in 11 areas of life.


Our formula: protected living environment

You stay in our protective living environment, where you live with others. You have your own room and share the living room, the open kitchen, the toilet, and the shower. This helps you to build social relationships, which you will further earn during your stay. You experience the support of your peers. And you are a point of support for them. During your stay, the Pret in herstel team will offer you the guidance and protection that is important to you.


According to the 12 Steps Minnesota Treatment

Your stay with us will take place according to the 12 Steps of Minnesota Method. You receive personal guidance and have your own supervisor. You participate in our activities in groups. At the same time, care and assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If necessary, someone will be there to help you within 15 to 30 minutes.


Guidance in 11 areas of life

Our assistance is as complete and diverse as possible. From 11 life areas, we help you to return to society in a pleasant, responsible, and stable manner.

  1. Recovery
    According to the 12-step Minnesota model, we work on your recovery every day. This way we build on self-reliance, so that even without our care you can rely on a healthy recovery system.
  2. Housing
    Together with you, we examine what the after-care programme could look like. We will assist you in finding housing so that you can live comfortably there (possibly with ambulatory care).
    Please note: we will ask you to provide an exit address upon arrival. In case of abuse or use of drugs and in case of aggression, you leave for the outflow address. We apply a zero-tolerance policy in order to keep it as pleasant as possible for others.
  3. Day care
    Our range of daytime activities helps you recover. Of course, we offer all kinds of possibilities and we will be happy to tailor these to your needs, together with you.
  4. Finances
    Together we will map out your finances and put them in order, if necessary. You will receive support from a budget coach.
  5. Physical health
    To the extent possible, we will support you in restoring your physical health. If necessary, we will call in our partners who can help.
  6. Mental Health
    We organise weekly groups and workshops. In addition, personal counselling is available. If you have an open attitude, we will help you with your underlying problems.
  7. Daily activities
    From day one, we will support you with household tasks, such as laundry and cooking. This way, we make sure you get the hang of it before you leave.
  8. Domestic relations
    We encourage you to get to know the others around you. Perhaps you will make the friendship of a lifetime, or at least have a few others around you who understand you.
  9. Social network
    From the support system, we encourage building a social network. Our counsellors have followed a neighbourhood education, so they can help you with this.
  10. Social Participation
    We help you to find a place in society again in which you can develop yourself. Together, we discuss your goals. We look for work, build a support system and help you stay clean.
  11. Legal/justice
    If necessary, we look into the possibilities of a legal procedure. To this end, we cooperate with various law firms.


Treatment at NuGGZ

Are you looking for additional treatment of underlying problems? Register at our NuGGZ treatment centre. You can go there for treatment of a personality disorder, anxiety or depressive symptoms and (mild) trauma processing. You can find more information on the website of NuGGZ.

Do you have questions about our offer or would you like to apply? Call us at 070 8 875 874, send us an e-mail to or use the online registration form. We look forward to hearing from you!


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