Day care

There is nothing more important than a meaningful day. The fact that so many of our clients complete the programme and achieve the successes they seek is partly due to the way their schedules are organised.

We start from the important guidance, protection and treatment. We do this on the basis of the 12 Steps Minnesota model, with attention to 11 important life areas. A particularly important area for us is daytime activities.

A successful return to society requires a plan, healthy habits and enough to occupy oneself. That is why we focus early on meaningful daytime activities, both recreational and employment-related.


Meaningful: recreational or employment-related

All day care must be meaningful. We help you to organise your day in a structured way, with meaningful activities. So, are you not yet ready for school and/or work? We help you to plan recreational activities and invite you to take part in what we organise. In this way, we stimulate your social activities, and you (re)learn how nice it is to be busy with something that offers meaning to your life.

Recreational day use

At Pret in herstel, we are known for our recreational day care programme. This means that we encourage you to do sports, that we organise cooking classes and, for example, have annual outings to Walibi or the Efteling. We also organize complete outdoor activities, as well as small activities that you can participate in for a few hours.

With day care, we encourage you to participate in what helps you to develop (again), either under your own steam, with a little help or in combination with informal care. You learn how to structure your days, how to make sense of them and how to meet other people.

Work-based day care

And are you ready for work, but perhaps not for a paid job yet? We offer you the guidance and protection you need to start working anyway. You practice your skills, discover your talents, and embrace ways to develop them further.

This means that you can get started in, for example, animal care or bicycle repair, for this we are in contact with Reakt. We help you reintegrate, for which we also work together with Ruish Coaching.





Atelier Anders Bekeken


Do you have questions about our offer or would you like to apply? Call us at 070 8 875 874, send us an e-mail to or use the online registration form. We look forward to hearing from you!


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